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Genetic homunculus ragnarok mobile

By | 07.10.2020

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 01 March - AM. Posted 01 March - PM. It makes a world of difference with Amistr's above average HP regen and lack of offensive skills. I stopped dreaming of OD I only do manual leveling, not afk one for my Amstr. You're in od2 for life when "afk leveling". Hopefully we can start a new afk map withing the next month once everyone gets a homun S.

I vote we get a few more ppl in Muscovia 3! The map is actually fairly small, and great xp per kill. No charge, the more ppl there the better the spawn! Anyone with an S-class on Valkyrie, come join me! Anyways, back to the topic at hand OD2 is empty on Valkyrie My genetics Amistr actually killed faster then my alt alch's Filir did, granted that was with cart boost active, which makes a HUGE difference.

You can achieve the same effect by using a speed potion. Or if your homunc dies yay, DB's! If you want to lvl it really fast though, manually lvling it is the way to go See if you can get a warp to Muscovia Dungeon and give it a shot, the map with the wooden golems and fairy thingies is pretty easy. Even afk'able depending on your server. The more people that are on the map, the more xp you'll get even while afk of coarse.

Cart Boost FTW. Posted 02 March - AM. Posted 02 March - PM. Wait how can you sleep for 4 hours? What about feeding the homunculus. Iv'e been sleeping for an hour at a time and waking up to feed it. XD My homunculus is 82 now.Homunculi are the special companions of Alchemist classes, created to assist their master in battle. They have their own stats, skills and levels and can evolve after becoming loyal, and mutate to their S form after reaching level 99, gaining new skills and upgrading their level cap to Homunculus behavior can be controlled using the Azzy AI application, which is included in NovaRO's Full Installer; however, you can download an AI with default settings by clicking here.

Your Homunculus has no penalties if it dies, being able to be ressurected with the Resurrect Homunculus skill and will stay with you, even after Transcending. You have to increase its Intimacy by feeding it between hunger. Do not let it starve letting its hunger reach 10 or less but do not overfeed it feeding when its hunger is at 81 or more.

It'll feed your Homunculus whenever it's hunger drops to 11, making it an efficient and easy way to go about it. You can leave it always on, without any drawbacks, for as long as you have the correct food item in your inventory. Whenever it reaches Loyalyou can evolve it by using a Stone of Sage.

You can get one from the Market for about The evolved form will have higher Max HP and SP, higher stats and be able to mutate once it reaches level 99 given that you are a Genetic. Some popular AFK leveling spots were:. The best Homunculus will depend on what you want to do with it, and whether their characteristics suit your style. Here's a quick rundown of the base and mutated Homunculi characteristics. It's a strange machine, currently located at the 2nd floor of the Main Office.

It allows us Alchemists to store your Homunculus, giving you the possibility of creating a new one from scratch, without deleting the other, and swapping between them. Each slot has a cost of 20M Zeny plus Gold Coins.

genetic homunculus ragnarok mobile

You can have a maximum of 4 slots and still have 1 Homunculus with you. This enables you to have up to 5 different Homunculi combinations. Swapping Homunculi can be done at any time, without any fees, but there's a 5-minute cooldown until you're able to swap again. On the newer clients, support for certain custom AI features has been disabled. Specifically the AI's ability to automatically acquire targetsmaking the Homunculus unable to automatically attack targets.

This was an official kRO change, not a bug, and does not have a "fix" on other servers. If, for some reason you do not have it in your NovaRO folder, you can download an AI with default settings by clicking here and extracting the file to your NovaRO installation folder, overwriting all. Be sure to double-check the OldHomunType field. This is where you configure how, when, and how often your Homunculus uses attack skills and buff skills.

Be sure to read their skill descriptions carefully! Miscellaneous configuration related to how your Homunculus moves around relative to its master and enemies. After making any changes to the configuration, type ' refresh' in game so that your Homunculus' behavior updates. Putting the Homunculus to Rest and summoning it again also works to apply any changes you've made to its AI configuration.

It will appear somewhat like this. Don't worry if yours look slightly different, the contents and available configurations should be the same for the most part, although the latest Azzy AI version 1.This is a guide on how to run the endless tower as a creator.

This build focuses on Amistr and the hell plants as the main source of damage. Hell plants now have a 4-second cooldown. This balancing update makes it harder to execute this strat as it now requires a lot more game sense, mechanic knowledge, and timing. Just know that completing these prerequisites will make your runs a lot easier. Level Homunculus Repair to maximize your healing capability towards your summon. STR is self-explanatory; it increases your damage output.

Merchant Lvl. Alchemist Lvl. This skill build can be used for all homunculus Lvl. Creator Lvl. Genetic Lvl. Getting Health Link boosts your survivability by transferring damage taken to the homunculus summoned.

These are my gear. Work on increasing Neutral Damage to increase overall hell plant damage output.

Ragnarok Mobile Creator - Hell Plant Build Guide

Size, Race, and Element Cards work well with hell plants as well. Use Magnum break manually after casting all of your buffs except Life Psychic. The trick is to cast Life Psychic last. I labeled the areas of interest for that. Remember that the meta tends to change every other big update.

Feel free to tweak some of the choices I used here in this guide. This is just a guide after all. It contains every detail from stats, skills, gear, runes, food buffs and pets, as well as the execution. This is the site I visit for constructing rune setups. Credits to the creators of this very helpful resource. This guide is incompleteas I am adding more sections every time I edit this.

genetic homunculus ragnarok mobile

Like Like. Have fun! You are commenting using your WordPress.

genetic homunculus ragnarok mobile

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.While most Alchemists sought learning in various fields of knowledge, some of them concentrated their studies in the alchemic principles of transformation: these alchemists were known as the Geneticists among their peers.

They also upgraded their creation technologies to transmutate existing creatures into completely different beings. NOTE: The original name of this job class is Genetic, but the term doesn't make sense as it refers to a discipline of science rather than an individual.

Therefore, the correct term for this job class is Geneticist. Alchemy quickly bloomed throughout the Rune-Midgarts continent after the successful development of the homunculi. As the popularity of alchemy spread, more Alchemists developed more efficient potions and created Plant monsters to aid them in battle to compensate for their physical weaknesses.

While most Alchemists sought learning in various fields of knowledge, some of them concentrated their studies in the alchemic principles of transformation; these Alchemists were known as the Geneticists among their peers. The Geneticists transformed the reliable Merchant's Cart, which was primarily used to hold various experimental tools into an effective weapon.

They also upgraded their creation technologies to transform existing creatures into completely different beings. It didn't take the alchemic geniuses long to master their knowledge of all the materials found in the Rune-Midgarts continent, but they still hungered to find new discoveries that would stir up the academic world.

Surprised by the body of knowledge they had accumulated in such a short time, the Alchemist Guild changed their passive attitude towards research and encouraged Geneticists to study the materials in the Ash Vacuum, where almost everything was completely different from the Rune-Midgarts continent. Once the academic Geneticists ventured into the Ash Vacuum, their discoveries unleashed their unlimited creativity.

See Geneticist Job Change. Sign In. From Ragnarok Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch.


Geneticist Geneticist concept art for RO. Category : Battle Job. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Ragnarok Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. Geneticist concept art for RO. AlchemistCreator. Sword Training. Cart Remodeling. Cart Tornado. Cart Cannon. Cart Boost. Thorn Trap. Wall of Thorns. Crazy Weed.Sphere Parasitism Build Creators are early to mid game monsters and can even be the late game final build. Creators aren't as popular as other classes, but people will change their mind once they see the true power of this class.

Acid Demonstration Build Creators are also known as tank killers, due to the fact that their skill 'Acid Demonstration' increases it's damage the higher the target's vit is. If you're into PVP, this class would not disappoint! Stats str vit 60 total dex. Merchant Skills 10 cart attack 10 loud exclamation 5 enhance cart 10 funding 5 change cart. Alchemist Skills 5 sphere mine 5 sphere parasitism 3 call homunculus amistr 2 resurrect homunculus 5 homunculus strength 10 life psychic 10 free skill points.

Creator Skills 10 gene research 10 homunculus strength II 10 hell plant 5 super life psychic 2 resurrect homunculus 3 free skill points.

Stats str int 60 total dex vit. Merchant Skills 10 loud exclamation 10 funding 5 change cart 10 discount 5 overprice. Alchemist Skills 5 acid terror 5 acid demonstration 5 sphere mine 5 sphere parasitism 1 call homunculus 10 axe hammer mastery 5 homunculus mastery 2 pharmacy.

Creator Skills 5 powerful acid demonstration 10 improved acid demonstration 10 gene research 4 pharmacy 11 free skill points.Yay for new content! They follow your movement, and they attack the mobs that you attack. This is where I come in. Summon skill builds are also present below depending on your current game situation. The homunculi get stronger as you progress in the game yourself. The stats you allocate for your character affect the homunculi as well. VIT makes them tankier. Each homunculus has 3 skills, and they gain 1 skill point every 10 levels.

So read up on the skills and think about what you need the most in your situation. Since the release of the Episode 5. Get 4 levels on Call Homunculus to be able to summon her. Alternate homunculus forms are also unlocked when they reach level The forms are purely cosmetic.

In the event that your homunculus diesyou can resurrect them using the Resurrect Homunculus skill 1 Blue Gemstone cost. Place the skill on the 1st slot of your auto skill bar to prioritize this. Lif becomes more relevant in the mid-late stages of the game because of her shield that gives you extra tankiness.

Amistr is the most-used among the three in early-mid game mainly because of his tankability. This can be improved by putting points in the VIT stat line. Place the remaining points to whichever skill you need. Atk per piece. Vanilmirth becomes a beast when you reach Genetic, as his kit becomes more potent in Boss Hunts and in the higher ET Floors. ATK easily doubles in value. The amount of damage he can deal to bosses is insane. Eleanor is the next afk farming buddy of Alchemists.

Powerful single target damage with an AOE debuff that makes you deal more damage to enemies that suffer from the effect. You can build her skills to your own liking as each of them have their own merit.


While Caprice boasts massive single-target damage. Get Lava Torrent if you have the extra skillpoints as that extra burst of damage is more than welcome. Max whatever skill you want or need depending on the situation. Listed below are tested tips that give your homunculus more damage and potency :. Notice the trend? Let me know if I missed anything. Prioritize getting all FOUR homunculi to level 90for them to evolve to their final forms once you turn into a Genetic.

What topic do you want me to tackle next? Let me know by commenting below. Update 02 AUG : Skill images updated. This is a great guide! Really helpful information for start-up Alchemists such as me myself.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By MunbalanceApril 29, in Merchant. So I thought I would share my insight on genetic and hopefully help a lot of other players along on what I find is a very fun, versatile class that can get a lot of work done if built correctly.

Before we get into the meat of things, lets pin point what genetic does well briefly.

Ragnarok M แนะนำอาชีพ Genetic สาย Hell Plant (By ZNicker)

I must warn you, leveling a Gentic can be very slow and expensive at times, unless you do it correctly you might end up either running out of steam or running out of money. This leveling guide assumes that you know basics of the game and the server, I highly recommend against making genetic as one of your first characters as it can be pretty challenging without gear to back it up.

Eleanor can be used to pretty much level solo, you'll have to re-roll your homunculus if you want something else, however. Homunculi are a large part of the tools genetic has. They should be an extension of the player and the player should choose which homunculus fits them best.

genetic homunculus ragnarok mobile

I'll provide my opinions on all of the bases as well as the mutations and hopefully I can help you make educated decisions. Ami has access to Defense which raises your vit by 30! This can easily add thousands of HP to your bar. In addition to Castling which can get you out of most tight spaces. Jokes aside this hom actually stands out now. Really good! She backs up genetic so well.

Not only does she allow you to pull every point of AGI out of your build with her skill Overed Boost. Spells that would normally ruin a genetics day.

As for PVM. Overed Boost gives flee, do I need to say more? This guy is a mystery. From what I can tell all he brings to the table is safety wall, which is nice but a lot of the other homunculi bring much more things. Not to mention a Genetic is rarely ever happy, or safe standing still due to a lack of instant moving skills Snap, Backslide. Very good! With Pain Killer reducing damage by and Needle holding people in place for you to use hells plant this Hom is a really solid choice.

Very PVP oriented. Deiter has some of the strongest moves in the game, however they pretty much all have drawbacks that might hurt the user in the end.

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