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Glock 17 olight mini holster

By | 05.10.2020

Fits G23 also. This powerful little light deserves a good holster. The Holster comes with a Concealment Wing installed to reduce printing of the grip. Available with two wing height adjustments. We install the shorter of the wings. The "Tuck n Roll" option Kicks the muzzle out from the body and Tucks the Grip into the Body to reduce printing while Rolling the Grip into the body to reduce printing.

Adjustable for Cant with our Regular Clip. If you have a 1. Our Grip Hooks are also Tuckable.

Glock 19x with Olight PL-Mini 2 Holsters

You can tuck your shirt in with this option. Open end to allow for Threaded barrels. Suppressor height sight channel. Let us know how tall your sights are in the Notes section. All edges are smoothed and polished.

See the video review below. The PL Mini 2 retention is on the front side of the holster, not on the Catch Lever, due its adjustability. Our phone at the shop is always on. Stocking over differant holsters for you. Belt width 1. Suppersor Sights How tall is your front sight? Notes Specialty Pattern info. The Retention is user adjustable for the amount of retention you desire. The sweat guard is cut to allow for optics to be mounted on your slide.

Featured Products. Springfield Armory XDs 3. Join our email list for sales coupons and discount. Contact us via email or phone Our phone at the shop is always on. Payments via Paypal accepted.The Olight PL-Mini is a great, little, affordable, relatively powerful, compact, intuitive, easy to attach light - and it's even rechargeable! Wouldn't it be better if there was a perfect holster that was precision fit for it, and that also LLOD has made that very holster check it out.

This is HUGE - because we all know you should be carrying with a loaded gun, and if you have to take your gun out of the holster to charge it - you then also need to strip that round, and you're left with a non-chambered gun!

Keep your CCW holstered, chambered, and charged.

Light Bearing (IWB)

Set your gun and LLOD holster system on your nightstand, and the magnetic charger for the Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie will find its way right onto its little charging connection. Just like that, you'll wake up with a fully charged weaponlight. If something goes bump in the night, pulling the gun out of the holster will disconnect the charger seamlessly and you'll be ready to defend your home with those lumens right at your fingertip. You don't need to charge it every night, or even once a week, unless you're using the PL-Mini a significant amount.

Charge it up every couple weeks or once a month, and be sure that you have all the juice when you need it most. Comfortable, concealable perfection - that's how we do things here at the LLOD. Comments Schuy. Is the holster compatible with the 19x? Hassan Brown. Do you make a iwb PLUS one for that? I see the trl6 but I want to use the olight. Andrew Vu. Hey mike, im a huge fan On youtube and purchaSed the pl-mini based off your recommendations. If i decide To take off the oLight, can the holster still retain the glock?

PleAse advise. The holsters are designed to be used with the weaponlight attached - as the retention of the holster is based on the light itself. Are there plans to make this holster anytime soon? Probably not anytime soon, as that's not a super popular request for me right now. I would second that request. Currently using another brand holster with a "sidecar" mag holder attached via a leather patch, but that flexible leather means the spare mag is constantly changing angles throughout the day.

Think your iteration would be much better. Please add me to your email list. Thank you. Jean-Paul C. I went to order the holster and had a suggestion for you. Your website looks great and very user friendly. You have many to choose from but a noob might not know what the 'carbon fiber, atacs, hexcam, kuiu, etc, etc actually look like. It might be more helpful if there was a thumbnail or something to show you what the colors and options look like when you click on them.

I will purchase the olight holster for my glock anyway! Patrick Durham. Just curious if you ship to canada and how much is the holster That is set Up for a glock 19 with the pl mini without the extra mag holder? Gerritt Merrill. Michael F.See below for more weapons, holster is compatible with. ARES holster utilizes an injection molded belt clip, and designed to be used Inside the waistband. Includes the injection molded Talon Claw, to reduce printing of weapon while carrying inside the waistband.

Lifetime Warranty Our holsters come with a standard Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, if at any time your holster becomes defective, simply return it to us. We will either make a repair, or send you a new one. All prices are in USD. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. See 2 more pictures. Right or Left Handed Draw:. Please choose an option to add this product to your cart. No Yes. Yes No. Buy in bulk and save. Right Side Only at this time.

Optional Right or Left Handed Draw. Not compatible with Gen 3 Glocks. Warranty Information Lifetime Warranty Our holsters come with a standard Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, if at any time your holster becomes defective, simply return it to us. Product Reviews. Customers also viewed. Add to cart. Related Products.Out of stock. We recommend adding a drop of light to medium thread locker to the screws after you find your preferred position. This will allow the user to adjust the light to their liking.

On pistols with only one rail slot Glocksthe light's mount will be on that slot, with the light body flush to it's frame.

Sub-compacts will have the light and mount as close as possible to the trigger guard and frame. This standardized setup will more than accommodate Olight's suggested light mounting in their user manual. If you have questions regarding this light positioning, please use the Contact Us link. Holsters will not be returnable if your personal light preference isn't compatible with this standard setup. Cascadia Concealment does not currently support the Recover Tactical rail attachments.

If you select a light option that does not attach to the pistol's factory rails, your order will be canceled and refunded. Each item is handcrafted and may vary slightly. Some variation in design may occur without advanced notice. Custom color wraps can be ordered via email. Please email us with such inquiries. We do not currently do this in house, therefore there is some additional cost and lead time.

Please also note that the fabric wraps such as cordura and suede will drift and fray with use. Unfortunately these wraps are not as stretchy and forgiving as the thermoplastic Kydex. This was made quickly and shipped quickly. This was worth the wait for a great product at a good price that supports a small business. Only place I could find that could make a holster with the options I needed.

Great quality. Definitely worth the lead time! I now own two of these OWB holsters in left hand for my G19, plus a double mag carrier. One holster is for a weapon light and the other isnt. I've tried several different companies over the years and these are now my favorite. The fit and finish is some of the best I've ever seen, the retention is great and they are extremely comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend cascadia concealment if you're looking for a OWB holster.

Thanks for making a great product! I'll be buying more in the future!JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

We use cookies to make your experience better. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. Learn more. Will this holster work with my gun and light? Yes, this holster is made specifically for the pistol and light in the title above. If you need to carry this exact gun and light, this holster will work for you. What is a precision fit holster, and why do I need one? A precision-fit holster is custom-designed to fit a specific model of gun and light combination perfectly.

This will help you carry your gun and light with confidence because it contains less material, unnecessary bulk, and securely retains your firearm in the holster until you draw. As a result, you will be able to carry safely, discreetly, and comfortably. Because we have hundreds of molds specially designed for each combination, you only have to wait a few days to get a holster for your particular setup. What are my belt attachment options for this holster? This holster is designed with two industry-leading mounting patterns to provide a wide range of possible mounting and attachment options, the M7 allows for a Safariland QLS fork, mount paddle, drop-leg platform, Molle webbing, and more.

The M7 comes with a Belt Lok attached for out-of-the-box use. Will this holster retain my pistol without the light attached? You can holster your gun without the light attached, but retention will not be as reliable without your light.

glock 17 olight mini holster

We build our holsters to retain on the weapon light primarily. This ensures solid retention and reduces wear on your pistol finish. Will this holster work with a mounted optic red dot site? This holster comes compatible with a wide range of optics red dot sites.

Don't have an optic? The holster works excellent without it, and you won't need a new holster if you do choose to mount one in the future. What other mods are compatible with this holster? Every holster supports suppressor height sites, threaded barrels, and compensators.Custom Holsters. Our customers requested Olight compatible holsters, so here they are! Pound for pound Olight PL Series lights offer superior brightness to price comparison of some of the more well known weapon light companies.

Hybrid and All Leather Holsters. Adjustable cant and ride height Hybrid Models. Durable steel clips that fit belts up to 1.

glock 17 olight mini holster

For universal lights and lasers ex. Adjustable Retention. Choose between inside the waistband and outside the waistband models for your carry preference. If it isn't the most comfortable holster you've ever worn, return it. Premium leather. And that's no bull.

Our leather is hand-selected, and finished to order. Chicago-style screws secure the Kydex and clips to the hide. Easily removable so you can change your scabbard. Standard FBI 15 Degree cant of the firearm increases comfort and allows a firm purchase on the firearm grip during draw and re-holstering.

Glock 19 w/ Olight PL-Mini 2 Holsters

Perfect retention every time. The replaceable Kydex scabbard secures and protects your firearm. Leather choices, screw and clips options make your handcrafted holster one-of-a-kind. Our holsters are designed to use and handcrafted to perfection.

We take pride in our work and you'll be proud to own an Exarchy holster. Lifetime Warranty.

glock 17 olight mini holster

Fastener Icon. Shield Icon. Do What You Cant. Gear Icon. Master Craftsman. The Original. Outside the Waistband.The Light Bearing IWB holster is a one piece wrapped design that allows the holster to sit close to the body minimizing the overall footprint of your holster and gun. This model comes standard with adjustable retention and a slightly easier reholstering experience by having a lower front cut to the side opposite the body.

The built in light channel will provide a smooth and secure draw without damaging expensive light attachments over time. Huckleberry if you send me more of your products I will make a YouTube channel for your product and promote your merch. If anyone needs a legit iwb holster you will not find one on the market right now better then this one available for as many different styles and capabilities that this holster provides period.

Also they use the most efficient stuff and are extremely fast especially for right now. I went with the GCode Incog clip, which I feel works best for carrying in appendix style.

Also got the extra magazine clip! A true win, for anyone who like me, who had trouble first finding ANYONE online to even have a G29 holster by itself, but a light-bearing updated option to boot. These guys get the job done and done well!!

Thanks a million!! Very comfortable and good lock up. Concealment is great with the wing, pushes it against me leaving no print on my shirt. Looks great and is well made but the red accents I added only came on the wing and not on fomi clip. My wife got jealous and we had to get her one for her glock 43x. Really well made holster, and the customization options are unbeatable.


Awesome holster! The build quality is solid, design is great, tons of colors and customization options. I have been very happy with the purchase. I've been carrying it since I got it a week ago, and not only does it look fantastic, but carriers very well too.

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